Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I almost forgot how good Acceptance is

oh its been a while since i thought of these guys
phantoms has got to be one of the better albums in this genre
composition of every song on the album and how well its produced
this is a shitty quality video of their first single off that album
i cant believe its been 4 years!!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Compass Phone by Hayeon Yoo.

The Compass Phone does not support any verbal communication side, but has only a GPS function. It measures the distance between two people in real-time and then converts it to the time it takes for them to meet each other by either transport or time unit. A compass is hidden under the digit display. The centre of the compass always indicates the user’s position and its needle indicates the other person’s direction.


Bape x TEPE Toothbrush

Nigo gives us a look at the Bape x TEPE Toothbrush. There are three colorways of the toothbrush, one being coated in 24k gold. Furthermore the toothbrush features several icons from the Bape graphic catalogue. No word on a release so far.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

theres something hiding in my macbook

DJ Trancis "New Divide Remix"

Hit up DJ Trancis http://www.myspace.com/djtrancis

Johanna House / Nicholas Burns

A discrete addition to the landscape, a journey of gradual and layered concealment, opening landscape and ocean. Contrast; contraction/expansion, heavy/light, opaque/transparent….inside-outside-inside. Pure geometry, limited material palette and detailing create a stillness, a dematerialising interconnection with nature, landscape and time creating place and present focus.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nas x Damian Marley “Distant Relatives” Preview Video

NAS & DAMIAN "JR GONG" MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

American rapper Nas and reggae artist Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, have collaborated on an album entitled Distant Relatives. Above is a video preview where the two living legends discuss their new project, which revolves heavily around Africa; from ancestry to poverty. Originally scheduled for release this month, the album has been pushed back to later in the year.

no one will ever replace MJ

rest in peace, you will always be the best!!!!!!!

dan brill architects: pool house

this pool house by dan brill architects combines a striking cantilevered roof and all glass walls. the design
accompanies a georgian estate in hampshire, england, framing the views of the property’s landscape.
inside the pool house features a living space beneath the six meters of cantilevered roof. the space can be
transformed into a cinema thanks to special blackout blinds along with a screen and projector, which
descend from the ceiling. flaking the pool house on either side are changing facilities and storage.
a wood planked board walk leads to the pool forming a jetty. the visual simplicity of the design hides the
sophisticated technical complexity involved in designing and engineering the house.

Monocle x Aspesi Jacket, DOPE!!!!!!

Monocle presents their latest collaborative product and got together this time with Italian brand Aspesi on a nice technical jacket. Wind and water proof, the jacket is perfect for outdoor sports, as well as rainy days in the city. The two Aspesi character logos get complemented with the Monocle logo on the front pocket and on the back. One again a solid piece, the jacket is now available in the Monocle store.

Friday, June 26, 2009

not a cloning supporter, but this ad is dope

A very beautiful publicity campaign for the university Digits in connection with the open-minded on mathematics and sciences. With the baseline “Figure this. Image that”, imagined by the Arnold advertising agency on photographs of Jorg Meyer.

Pool Noodle Rooftop / Jeffrey Inaba

X‐Initiative presents the premiere of Pool Noodle Rooftop by Jeffrey Inaba’s Los Angeles‐based practice, INABA. The rooftop space, which will be used for film screenings and special events, will be open to the public daily during selected visiting hours throughout the summer. Four separate seating areas cluster around a ‘X’ shaped carpet that covers the entire rooftop surface.

Light Breakfast

Light Breakfast by David Sykes.

ummm burger kings new classy advertisement

In what might be the smartest piece of advertising in recent history (whee, I just posted your whole freaking ad for free!), Burger King has released a print ad for their new Super Sloppy Seven Incher chock full of sexual innuendo. I don't see it, but allegedly it's there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Valay Shende

+ Valay Shende / Artworks / Valay’s recent works are in subtle ways his attempts to question the maladies afflicting urban society and humans today. He is a keen and sensitive observer of his surroundings and concerned about the common man’s trial and tribulations of day-to-day life.

Sony Ericsson Walkman Ads

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catherine Mcneil By Peter Lindbergh

Catherine Mcneil and the bunny ( Robert Buckley ) in this Peter Lindbergh “Street Chic” editorial from Harper’s Bazaar march 2009 -

Rubiks Cube Art Jonathan Levine

the classic strategy game never ceases to amaze, the rubik's cube is
an 80s game made from colored squares. it's a fascinating object, as it's
both extremely simple and extremely complex. did you know there are over
43 billion possible permutations for a rubik's cube?
french artist invader uses the rubik's cube like an artist uses paint.

Believe in advertising

“Victims are people just like you and me. acat.ch Christian campaign to abloish torture.

Advertising Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Insane Record Player: void' LP player

korean designer rhea jeong has sent in images of her 'void' LP player.
the record player uses a carrier and dock outfitted with a magnetic and auto-calibrating control
system which carries the LP into thin air as it is playing music. a self-running record player shaped
in the form of a red sphere, contains a needle, amplifier and speaker, spins around the record,
bringing the music to life. the sphere that plays the vinyl was technically influenced by the 'vinyl killer',
currently the world's smallest LP player that has a built-in motor, amplifier and speaker.

simple colors and shapes express a kind of astronomical movement between the object and space.
the levitation is managed electronically. once turning the player on, you can manage the elevation
levels through the touch sensors on the front side of the base unit.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

worst 2 million dollar playlist ever

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the lady in the high profile illegal music downloading story that was in the news a while back, just had her second federal trial and has been charged with infringing 24 copyrights (for the 24 songs she downloaded). She's to pay $80,000 per song, a total of $1.92 million

list of songs:

1. Vanessa Williams - Save the best for last
2. Sheryl Crow - Run baby run
3. Reba McEntire - One honest heart
4. Janet Jackson - let's wait awhile
5. Guns n Roses - Welcome to the jungle
6. Guns n Roses - November rain
7. Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me
8. Bryan Adams - Somebody
9. Aerosmnith - Cryin
10. Linkin Park - One step closer
11. Green Day - Basket case
12. Goo Goo Dolls - iris
13. No Doubt - Hella Good
14. No Doubt - Different people
15. No Doubt - Bathwater
16. Sarah McLaughlan - Building a mystery
17. Sarah McLaughlan - Possession
18. Gloria Estefan - Rhythm is gonna get you
19. Gloria Estefan - Here and we are
20. Gloria Estefan - Coming out of the dark
21. Journey - Faithfully
22. Journey - Don't stop believin
23. Destiny's Child - Bills, bills, bills
24. Richard Marx - Now and for ever

not a big hi top fan, but these are crazy

Nike Dunk Hi SB “Pacman”

Friday, June 19, 2009

one of the best houses period

Who: Marc Canadell Design
What: A modern home in Hollywood Hills priced @ $17,995,000
Where: 9362 Nightingale Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90069


Dushi is the title of the solo show of Florentijn Hofman at Galerie West in The Hague (The Netherlands). He supersized stuffed animals so that they complete lose their function and feeling.

staring at this made me feel good.

Trailer: 2012

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Alphabet Keychain Collection

Wow, lighting concept on a hundred trillion

This giant digital overhead clock by Realities:United and titled “Contemporary Architecture“ showes time overhead in a big way as well as provided room lighting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this would be dope in a club or venue

Bottle wall (no sound) from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

The awesome LED bottle wall by Alex Beim.
"An illuminated bottle wall. There is a LED controllable light behind each bottle that is controlled from an on board computer.
11 x 23 = 253 bottles in total create this mobile wall that will be taken to festivals this summer in and around Toronto
Something missing in the video is that the cavities for the bottles are empty at the beginning and people start filling them with empty containers to reveal the visuals.
Everything started when Tom (the client) said I want to make a light bright with bottles for Bacardi, is that possible? "


This is artist Bang-Yao Liu's senior project from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). It's a stop motion video that uses different colored Post-It notes as pixels. I recommend watching the whole thing. Twice. Then telling yourself you could do better, even though we both know you couldn't. And I'm not just saying that because you're lazy, but because you're talentless.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shroom USB Drive and Mario Brick USB Extension

For those of you that still love good old Mario, this is a USB drive you’ll definitely appreciate. This little Shroom will hold your data and look cool while doing it. Not only that, but you can also pick up a USB extender that allows for it to be plugged directly into a small brick square. Strongly resembling the ones out of the game that you would bump to make that precious shroom pop out, to give you just a little extra light. All the while making your hands look huuuge and the rest of your grow a bit as well.

must have for all OF heads!!!

Utilizing KAWS’ signature Eyes pattern, OriginalFake release two new items for Spring/Summer 2009. Both a t-shirt and polo are featured, each sporting the all-over print. Available now via Anytime CWB as well as other select OriginalFake retailers.

Vogue Nippon July 2009 : White Wings

I love this editorial from Vogue Nippon’s July issue featuring Raquel Zimmermann as a Mod Goddess. The styling is absolute throw back to the way my mother was dressing from ‘78 till about ‘82, from the black and white architectural dresses to the earpieces that few people could pull off. Its nice to see that item making its way back into an editorial, I’m pretty certain after the success of this editorial there will be a lot of sourcing for earpieces for shoots, its a good thing I have a small section in my jewelry box with the original one’s from my moms hay day. I am very curious about the designer behind the one featured here because they are definitely different then my collection or any I have seen before but would not be shocked at all if it was indeed a vintage piece. I will do some research and find out. For now just enjoy these luscious images.

Designer Fire Extinguishers

What you would usually hide, thanks to french design studio Fire Design, you would even want to display, very design friendly Fire Extenguishers by Fire Design.