Saturday, January 30, 2010

beyond fresh: Chanel Tattoos

For spring-summer 2010, Chanel have a limited edition range of temporary tattoos designed by their artistic director – Peter Philips. Gorgeous glam rock – bring it on!


I heard wutang aint nothing to fuck with


LOL: Jersey Shore Soundboard

if you dont know how to use this click on the pic
and then your speakers begin to vibrate with nonsense

whether you like it or not
jersey shore will forever be
a piece of our popculture

wonder how many other djs got this

im not one to use the word fail
so ill say kthxfkubye!!!

i always get these from weird tourists and guidos

love the photo, great model

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

team coco

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

In frigid northeastern China, in the city of Harbin is hosting its 26th annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Massive buildings built of ice from the frozen surface of the nearby Songhua River, large scale snow sculptures, ice slides, festival food and drinks can be found in several parks in the city. At night, visitors who endure the bitter cold will see the lights switched on, illuminating the sculptures from both inside and outside. This year's festival opened yesterday, January 5th, and will remain open until some time in February.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

dopest house ive seen in a long time

Two light grey parallelepiped blocks sit quietly one on top of the other on the mountainside of Izu-san, as if they are clock hands and the time reads ten to two exactly as they are set in the plot. These two parallelepiped boxes stand out for the simplicity of their form which is so pure creating a luxurious residence. This weekend house is located on the Japanese mountainside of Izu-san, where the Pacific Ocean can be looked down at from the southern part of the residence, making the living within a magnificent experience.

hahahaha jersey shore x super mario broskis!!!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. Trancis new mix Must Download!!!

My Generation 032
download: rapidshare | megaupload

Mr. Trancis
01. 16 Bit Lolitas Feat. Jennifer Horne - Nobody Seems To Care
02. [noyb]
03. Zirenz vs. Saint Rush - Shine On Me
04. Tocadisco feat. Nadia Ali - Better Run (Wippenberg Remix)
05. Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Chinook
06. [noyb]
07. Andy Duguid - Neremiah
08. [noyb]
09. Ocean - Vice
10. [noyb]

MyGeneration is a free podcast by Mr. Trancis featuring the latest in progressive trance and progressive house music. New mixes posted every 2 weeks @

Sunday, January 17, 2010

hahaha this is greatttt

Want to view life as one long-ass episode of Mystery Science Theater? Who doesn't, amirite? Well now you can thanks to these Mystery Science Theater 3000 glasses!

La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel

“La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel” is the title of an installation by Michel de Broin. The largest mirror ball ever made was suspended from a construction crane 50 meters above the ground to render the starry sky to the citizens of Paris for one night in the Jardin du Luxembourg during the Nuit Blanche event.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

just started producing dubstep

i sprouted two tracks: blood revolution and exposed intelligence
the rest are hiphop tracks i did
i love fm synthesis and controlling all of the lfo parameters

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

heading home

so 2009 is over and done with
for me personally it was a year
i would rather store with all those
bad memories, embarassing shit, etc.
alot of success and growing i did
was shadowed by my selfishness and fucked up mindset
kinda weird how this is a blog and i never really
ever write about myself or things im going through
so i do i wanna say since im on the subject
thanks for all the readers out there who
come to my page to check for new stuff, fresh design, whatever
i hope you continue to read all my future postings
imma leave you with a photo i took a few weeks ago
heading home from the club i spin at a few nights a week

photo: ChristianTheLion

Lin Zhipeng

AMAZINGGGG Pieces from Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang was born in Korea in 1960.
Actually she lives and works in New York.