Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lightbulb Lantern

The Bulb Lantern by Kyouei Design.

Good Ideas Glow in The Dark

Adris Group's Annual Report 2008 is Glowing In The Dark! I love this idea!
During difficult times, only good ideas can light up the path out of the crisis. Ideas are energy! They emerge in a moment and spread at the speed of thoughts and people channel them. Ideas are passed on from person to person until their radiance becomes powerful enough to light up the future. Adris Group has more than 3000 such lights - its employees. Each one of them can come up with an idea that can make the world better, but it is only when they all come together with a single goal that the power of their ideas becomes capable of shattering the darkness. That is why this book glows in the dark �C it is charged with over 3000 good ideas

DOPEEEEEEE!!!!! Humanthesizer with Calvin Harris

Humanthesizer, a joint creation between electronic musician Calvin Harris, Sony Music UK, and Bare conductive body ink, which turned 15 bikini-clad ladies into a giant human synthesizer capable of playing Harris's latest single, Ready For The Weekend. The performers stand on the pads, and touch each other on the hands or body to complete a circuit and trigger a sound. Harris, his hands painted with the ink, played the main keyboard line and effects by interacting with a row of eight girls. The rhythmic portions of the track were played by seven dancers performing a carefully choreographed routine. Watch the video below.

where the wild things are.....

Stupid Idea, but i think i would use it

Not since the Flying F*ck helicopter have we seen something take more of the “friendly” out of the friendly skies. This bird flips alright—but it’s the best way to get your point across (short of skywriting that is).

in a perfect world