Monday, September 14, 2009

just keepin it real

Absolute (no label), Nice Look

Crate Man

Crate Man is a series of street art installations made completely out of crates. They have been spotted at several places in Australia.

cops see your drug eyes............. WORD?

Banksy’s Capitalism Critiques

Street artists Blu, GENIUS SHIT!

55 Blair Road by Ong&Ong

Ong&Ong created a light open living space for the house promoting the inside/outside.

The restored traditional art deco style facade of the property envelops the new living space. The entire second floor in the main section of the house had been allocated for a master bedroom/study with a suite bathroom
. To maintain the height of the second floor a mezzanine space was created to accommodate an additional guest bedroom. A main spiral staircase ascends to the attic, creating a circulation and spatial break in the bedroom areas.

A large courtyard divides the two sections of the house allowing for maximum light to penetrate the living spaces. Aluminum wall cladding wraps around the void. The first floor employs flexible glazed walls that lead directly to the pool. When both sides of the glazed partitions are open the first floor becomes one large ideal place to relax.

nice bed sheets

really making you watch your diet

OH EM GEE!!!!!!! DOPE DESIGN!!!!!!

You can only get into this 1965 Dodge Deora Concept through its windshield. Otherwise, it’s a very nice design.

YESSS!!! Skate Cinematography done correctly!!!!!!!