Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Optical Illusions in watercolor

Play-Doh Advertisments

South East Asia brings us one of the most humorous of ad campaigns for a children’s play product: Play-Doh – Safe no matter what you make. One would definitely assume these ads are not targeted at the children themselves but, rather, at the younger generation of parents that would view these pictures and not create an unnecessary angry protest about it.

Oh, Brother! Commercial for SEAT Altea XL

This commercial is fabulous! The creature that reminds me of the soon to be released film, “Where the Wild Things Are”, is so unbelievable lovable. He grows with love and the family can not stop loving him, so he grows out of their car and they have to buy the SEAT Altea Xl to fit their enormous love monster. The score is brilliant, it ads to the drama and makes it the story even funnier. I absolutely fell in love with this commercial.

Tetris on Skateboards

This is a video of 36 skateboarders playing a game of human Tetris on some hill in San Francisco while wearing giant neon shapes on their heads. Except it's not actually Tetris because not all of them are rocking tetrominoes. No, some of those mothers got damn pentominos on their heads. And I'm not talking the little red bits in olives! But, damnit, now I want olives. Shit, and some artichoke hearts. Fun fact: Jesus once turned an olive branch into a magic wand and banished hate from an evil sorcerer's heart. Then he did the water into wine thing and everybody had a good time. Plus, there was live music. You can't beat that.

paintball pop art