Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cool Pumpkins

Brooklyn Bowl

If you ever doubted that a regular old bowling alley could give you an experience, you haven't seen the new guy in town, Brooklyn Bowl. Not only does it have that great vintage vibe going on, it has a lot of the great modern day amenities that will make you stay way beyond your 10 frames. Whether you're shaking your booty to the music blaring out of their a custom-designed JBL Vertec sound system or enjoying a concert film on one of their nine high-def screens, Brooklyn Bowl wants to show you what entertainment really means.

Kid's Repubilc in Beijing: The Coolest Kids Bookstore

File this under, where was this when I was a kid? Kid's Repubilc in Beijing is a bright and colorful bookstore that was carefully constructed to create a beautiful experience. Twelve colored ribbons, 100-meters long, flow through the store, whirling and twirling and guiding children to pockets of beautiful space.

Banksy - IKEA Graffiti Punk

Apparently, everything you get from IKEA is cheap - even the graffiti art. In Banksy’s latest piece in Croydon, we see a punk kid looking at directions while attempting to assemble a “large graffiti slogan” he got from the Swedish retail store.

kill waldo

Geeks in love?

Cool Sculptures

cant believe the gorilla is made out of hangers
and the heads are made out of bread
amazing shit