Monday, June 15, 2009

Shroom USB Drive and Mario Brick USB Extension

For those of you that still love good old Mario, this is a USB drive you’ll definitely appreciate. This little Shroom will hold your data and look cool while doing it. Not only that, but you can also pick up a USB extender that allows for it to be plugged directly into a small brick square. Strongly resembling the ones out of the game that you would bump to make that precious shroom pop out, to give you just a little extra light. All the while making your hands look huuuge and the rest of your grow a bit as well.

must have for all OF heads!!!

Utilizing KAWS’ signature Eyes pattern, OriginalFake release two new items for Spring/Summer 2009. Both a t-shirt and polo are featured, each sporting the all-over print. Available now via Anytime CWB as well as other select OriginalFake retailers.

Vogue Nippon July 2009 : White Wings

I love this editorial from Vogue Nippon’s July issue featuring Raquel Zimmermann as a Mod Goddess. The styling is absolute throw back to the way my mother was dressing from ‘78 till about ‘82, from the black and white architectural dresses to the earpieces that few people could pull off. Its nice to see that item making its way back into an editorial, I’m pretty certain after the success of this editorial there will be a lot of sourcing for earpieces for shoots, its a good thing I have a small section in my jewelry box with the original one’s from my moms hay day. I am very curious about the designer behind the one featured here because they are definitely different then my collection or any I have seen before but would not be shocked at all if it was indeed a vintage piece. I will do some research and find out. For now just enjoy these luscious images.

Designer Fire Extinguishers

What you would usually hide, thanks to french design studio Fire Design, you would even want to display, very design friendly Fire Extenguishers by Fire Design.


I don’t think any accessory could be more fitting for all of us nerds with swag than this piece from ‘BlingVaders’. Not only that, it’s also ‘recession-proof’: you can cop one for a humble $20. Now we can all be one step closer to taking on T-Pain, Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, or Skool Boy (the best one of all) in a battle for the best bling. Recession what?

Evolution of Cell Phones

By designer Kyle Bean.