Friday, October 23, 2009

Geeks Only: Windows 7 Release Party

Excavator Painted like a Giraffe

Windows 7 Promoted in Japan Burger King

Robert Longo

CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe

Honda has announced its new CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe will be released in North America next Fall. Dubbed the world’s first Hybrid Sports Car, the CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) was introduced as a concept last year, but was officially shown off as a production car today at the Tokyo Motor Show. The lines on this coupe are breathtakingly beautiful, especially the mean-looking scoop front-grille. It will go on sale in Japan in February, before the 6-speed manual Hybrid (another first in the Hybrid class) hits the North American street in the Fall 2010.

Fabio Viale

Volcano House

A dome-shaped house built on the top of a volcanic cone in the high desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is offered at $750,000.
50451 Silver Valley Road, Valley Springs, CA 92365

Neckface “Devil’s Disciple” Exhibition Miami

Neckface will turn Miami inside out for his premiere solo exhibition in the Magic City. This Halloween night, Neckface will deconstruct all 10,000 square feet of O.H.W.O.W. and build a world like no other. Featuring a large-scale haunted house installation, complete with Neckface’s iconic imagery, the Devil’s Disciple exhibition is designed to frighten viewers as they enter the space.