Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Richard Burbridges Daft Punk shoot

High Contrast remix of Hometown Hero

Adele kinda blew up after the grammys
but i always wanted to hear a dnb remix of this shit
always new it had that nice step to it
High Contrast off of Hospital Records kills this remix
because well his drums sound amazing
and i love gated synth work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plus Adele has so much soul in her vocals!!!!!!!!!

good or bad advertising?

Kawano Takeshi

These three sculptures and assemblies of the Japanese artist Kawano Takeshi aim to sensitize on the question of climate warming. They are based on the animal world which is disappearing and to melt literally.

Coffee Cup Art

the work of the artist malaysien Cheeming Boey, who chose an original support for his illustrations: polystyrene coffee cups. Many drawings and works, to discover in the gallery.


White Noise √Čtude by Wojciech Kosma.

concept is amazing

Dogma by Antje Blumenstein.

think happy thoughts