Sunday, August 30, 2009


Limousine by Wouter Mijland.

Writing Studio and Library

Andrew Berman Architect projected a small structure whose primary function would be to serve as a study, with space enough for books and an area for watching movies and listening to music.

A pleasant walk through the trees form the main house lead to the studio located on a very private border of the site.

The studio first present itself in the landscape as a symbolic door to the woods. The east facade, the buildings front, is no more than a single wood framed glass door. Angled out from it are the south and north facades.

The resulting V-shape contains a double height entrance hall and stairs, the bath and the kitchen. The rear half of the structure, where the study and the entertainments areas are, takes on a trapezoidal form.

Much of its second floor is cantilevered, which not only minimizes the building’s intrusion on the landscape but also establishes a covered patio space on the ground level.

Where the V-shaped and trapezoidal segments join at the peak of the gable roof, a skylight across the full width of the juncture complements the natural light received from the glass wall to the west as well as from windows on the north and south walls.

the illest yacht

The super-yacht company YachtPlus launched The Ocean Emerald designed by Foster + Partners.

The new concept private luxury yacht has four genuine deck levels offering more outdoor and indoor space than any yacht in her category. Special attention was paid to the quality of light and views, with all major areas of the yacht benefiting from forward-looking views, including the master suite that has two private balconies forward.

The interiors have been created with an eye on beauty, function and luxury, right down to the smallest detail. Taking advantage of the floor-to-ceilng windows and wide views, they have created a sense of continuity between the outside areas and interior spaces.

the black cloud

Artists Heather & Ivan Morison, in collaboration with architect graduate Alex Sash Reading, designed a temporary structure called The Black Cloud, situated in the Victoria Park in Bristol, UK.

The structure is a deconstructed geodesic dome, made up of 152 unique timber triangles, creating a form that appears to lurch across the park.

The Black Cloud will remain in place over the next months hosting programmed events, as well as events by local residents and visitors.

dig this chapel design

BNKR Arquitectura's La Estancia Chapel sits in a colonial garden in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The facade is composed of structural glass channels, spaced 10cm apart, to allow for a visual connection between the exterior and the interior, and to allow for ventilation. The symbolic cross is created from the negative space of the structural glass.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


A Love Letter For You ! Street Art

A Love Letter For You is a concept by Overbrook native Stephen Powers and the youth of West Philadelphia – The project is during the month of August with 40 local and international artists to paint 50 walls between 63rd and 45th street on Market Street in Philly. The theme is only words of romance, thoughts of relationships, and what love really is. You can as well give them words, toughts and ideas at Check for more info

Mackdaddy Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Never shy of using plenty of color and mixing different styles, Japanese brand Mackdaddy presents their new Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. Vintage pieces can interesting and especially very colorful interpretations. Mackdaddy also introduces more footwear this season, along with outerwear, knitwear and accessories, making for an overall complete collection. Also look out for some familiar faces in the lookbook.

Wilton Pool House / Hariri & Hariri

New York-based Hariri & Hariri Architecture have completed a 1200 sqaure ft pool house which rests upon the 3.5 acre property of a suburban Connecticut residence. The design of the pool house serves as a contrast to the traditional architecture of the exisitng home. The dominate extended ceiling provides shelter for those lounging around the pool, enjoying the water, or sitting on the patio.

Recycle Chairs from beverage products

As you can see, design does not always been related to luxury. Sometimes with things that many people has considered as garbage, a designer thinks the opposite: This things are extraordinary materials!. Here, for example, I show you three examples of chairs, all of them made by recycled pieces from the beverage industry.

First, we got the SIE43 Chair by Pawel Grunert. The chair is made from PET bottles with a stainless steel frame. The bottles can be easily changed if they show signs of damage. It was exhibited at the Colombari Gallery in Milan, Italy. More pictures and details of this chair can be found on Contemporist.

Geeks Only

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet is the only carpet that gives you the magic sensation of lying down between Teletubbie-like hills. Flying Carpet redefines the concepts of "carpet" and "furniture": it defines a new topography and functions at ground level. For the home or for a public space, the Flying Carpet is made of 100% wool with wedges made of 100% wool felt with a foam interior. The Spanish Emiliana Design Studio encourages users to become creative participants while enriching their daily experiences through the use of the objects and spaces which surround them. by Yvan Rodic

Saturday, August 15, 2009

DJ Trancis new mix up

This week we're entering the darker side of progressive. Ironic because I just realized the picture I'm using is of my bedroom window with light shining in (fml). Download if you dare.

MyGeneration 021
download instructions
1. continue past myspace phising warning page
2. click on "Free User"
3. download link should appear within 60 seconds


01. Moonbeam - After Time
02. Garbage - Milk (Rabbit In The Moon's 'Got It' Mix)
03. Blackfeel Wite - First Nite (Instrumental Mix)
04. Andrea Doria & LXR - Beauty Of Silence (Inpetto Full Vox Mix)
05. Timo Garcia & Amber Jolene - Wonderlust (Free Your Mind)
view more...

Art of Mike Mitchell

but seriously i had something like this

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kid Plays Guitar Hero, Solves 2 Rubik's Cubes

This is a video of a kid playing Guitar Hero on expert and solving two Rubik's cubes simultaneously. Now I'm not sure where that's gonna get him in life, but I'm guessing far. Far, far away from the ladies. Kidding little buddy -- now you go out there and get 'em, tiger! No, put the cube down first.

Billy Mays Was OxyCleaning His Nostrils?

It is being reported that famous TV pitchman Billy Mays may have died as a result of drug use. Namely, cocaine. The white horse.

An official autopsy report released Friday found that cocaine use contributed to the heart disease that suddenly killed TV pitchman Billy Mays in June, but his family called the finding "speculative" and considered getting an independent look at the results.

The medical examiner "concluded that cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of his heart disease, and thereby contributed to his death," the office said in a press release.

BILLY MAYS WAS SNORTING THAT NOSE CLEANIN' CANDY! Do you think he was huffing Orange Glo too? Because I did once, and let me tell you -- KABOOM! See what I did there? Because I can do that all night. And by that I mean it (my Mexican boner pills just arrived). Cleaning ladies?

"We Don't Date N00bs, We PWN Them!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lightbulb Lantern

The Bulb Lantern by Kyouei Design.

Good Ideas Glow in The Dark

Adris Group's Annual Report 2008 is Glowing In The Dark! I love this idea!
During difficult times, only good ideas can light up the path out of the crisis. Ideas are energy! They emerge in a moment and spread at the speed of thoughts and people channel them. Ideas are passed on from person to person until their radiance becomes powerful enough to light up the future. Adris Group has more than 3000 such lights - its employees. Each one of them can come up with an idea that can make the world better, but it is only when they all come together with a single goal that the power of their ideas becomes capable of shattering the darkness. That is why this book glows in the dark �C it is charged with over 3000 good ideas

DOPEEEEEEE!!!!! Humanthesizer with Calvin Harris

Humanthesizer, a joint creation between electronic musician Calvin Harris, Sony Music UK, and Bare conductive body ink, which turned 15 bikini-clad ladies into a giant human synthesizer capable of playing Harris's latest single, Ready For The Weekend. The performers stand on the pads, and touch each other on the hands or body to complete a circuit and trigger a sound. Harris, his hands painted with the ink, played the main keyboard line and effects by interacting with a row of eight girls. The rhythmic portions of the track were played by seven dancers performing a carefully choreographed routine. Watch the video below.

where the wild things are.....

Stupid Idea, but i think i would use it

Not since the Flying F*ck helicopter have we seen something take more of the “friendly” out of the friendly skies. This bird flips alright—but it’s the best way to get your point across (short of skywriting that is).

in a perfect world

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama Joker

“There’s a new take on the Obama Art front, this one advertising a drastically different viewpoint of our current Commander in Chief. As in life, for every (artistic) action, you’ll also find reaction. The image has been littering LA and Bev Hills, not to mention an appearance in April’s Bedlam magazine. All the while its creator continues to remain under wraps. Who are you? And how do you really feel?

A Glass House in Texas

This house project from Austin architecture firm Cottam Hargrave is old, from the 1990s, but it stands as an awesome monument to the marriage of modern and natural materials in the arid landscape of Texas.

wow amazing design

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Richard Burbridges Daft Punk shoot

High Contrast remix of Hometown Hero

Adele kinda blew up after the grammys
but i always wanted to hear a dnb remix of this shit
always new it had that nice step to it
High Contrast off of Hospital Records kills this remix
because well his drums sound amazing
and i love gated synth work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plus Adele has so much soul in her vocals!!!!!!!!!

good or bad advertising?

Kawano Takeshi

These three sculptures and assemblies of the Japanese artist Kawano Takeshi aim to sensitize on the question of climate warming. They are based on the animal world which is disappearing and to melt literally.

Coffee Cup Art

the work of the artist malaysien Cheeming Boey, who chose an original support for his illustrations: polystyrene coffee cups. Many drawings and works, to discover in the gallery.


White Noise √Čtude by Wojciech Kosma.

concept is amazing

Dogma by Antje Blumenstein.

think happy thoughts