Sunday, October 4, 2009

real batmobile, over amilli to recreate

Wow, this full sized replica of the Batmobile looks amazing! It was bulit by someone from Sweden, made from a 1973 Lincoln Continental, took over $1 million US dollars and 3.5 years, 20,000 working hours to complete.
Cost: over $1 million.

The Punch Camera

The Punch Camera by designer Matty Martin. Cool!
The PUNCH takes regular digital images but allows its users to physically punch a rasterized image of their photo. The punched image gives information which can connect its users to the digital gallery.
"This is a camera which was inspired by the loss of tangible memories. It is meant to connect both physical and digital while minimizing excess materials and the hardships in sharing images."


CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.


Viktor & Rolf new designs

Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf

love the depth they added to these pieces
turning a mediocre design into something
that will stick to your mind for quite some time
kudos kudos!

what lady gaga used to be


really dig this chairs design

Naughtone's newly launched Hush Chair is a pretty awesome take on the classic arm chair. The Hush has a molded plywood frame, and is padded with CMHR foam and then upholstered.