Monday, October 12, 2009


The Vers 2X is simplicity at its best – compact and sleek with a hand-crafted wood body and no junk in the trunk (check out its bare bones back). This iPod dock is designed to fit in a small space, while making enough sound to fill up a big room. Its busy remote control lets you manipulate the heck out of your music without moving an inch. For wood connoiseurs, it comes in Cherry, Natural Walnut, Dark Walnut and Bamboo. The Natural Walnut has a beautiful retro feel to it.

I was surprised to find out that each speaker system is built by hand over the course of a week, ensuring that every model is unique. In a world where iPod docks are built in the same way IKEA furniture is, a one-of-a-kind speaker at less than $200 (with a dollar going to planting a new tree) is made to last.