Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been awhile since i had a house post

centrifugal villa by obra architects is set on a 5 acre property overlooking an
agricultural reserve located in southampton, new york.

the centrifugal villa is arranged around a hollow center, as if the heart of the house
had somehow fallen outside its body. the string of subsequent spaces in its interior
provide a comprehension of the whole by sacrificing their individual geometric
cohesiveness to the fractured configuration of the entire composition. the experience
of the interior is characterized by constantly shifting vanishing points, at the place
of their collision in each crease of the plan, large openings cutting dormer scoops
on the roof, enabling views out to the surrounding landscape.

designed as wood post-and-beam structure, the exterior cladding is detailed with
vertical board and batten seams to give continuity to the building exterior and encourage
an uninterrupted rhythmic flow around the elevations. the house utilizes geothermal
heating and incorporates passive energy-saving techniques, including a narrow-section
interior to allow natural ventilation and a sequence and layout of dormer windows
and openings to permit generous daylighting and minimal artificial lighting needs.

the recently completed villa includes a main house, separate guesthouse and garage
structure, and poolhouse with poolside pavilion.