Sunday, August 30, 2009


Limousine by Wouter Mijland.

Writing Studio and Library

Andrew Berman Architect projected a small structure whose primary function would be to serve as a study, with space enough for books and an area for watching movies and listening to music.

A pleasant walk through the trees form the main house lead to the studio located on a very private border of the site.

The studio first present itself in the landscape as a symbolic door to the woods. The east facade, the buildings front, is no more than a single wood framed glass door. Angled out from it are the south and north facades.

The resulting V-shape contains a double height entrance hall and stairs, the bath and the kitchen. The rear half of the structure, where the study and the entertainments areas are, takes on a trapezoidal form.

Much of its second floor is cantilevered, which not only minimizes the building’s intrusion on the landscape but also establishes a covered patio space on the ground level.

Where the V-shaped and trapezoidal segments join at the peak of the gable roof, a skylight across the full width of the juncture complements the natural light received from the glass wall to the west as well as from windows on the north and south walls.

the illest yacht

The super-yacht company YachtPlus launched The Ocean Emerald designed by Foster + Partners.

The new concept private luxury yacht has four genuine deck levels offering more outdoor and indoor space than any yacht in her category. Special attention was paid to the quality of light and views, with all major areas of the yacht benefiting from forward-looking views, including the master suite that has two private balconies forward.

The interiors have been created with an eye on beauty, function and luxury, right down to the smallest detail. Taking advantage of the floor-to-ceilng windows and wide views, they have created a sense of continuity between the outside areas and interior spaces.

the black cloud

Artists Heather & Ivan Morison, in collaboration with architect graduate Alex Sash Reading, designed a temporary structure called The Black Cloud, situated in the Victoria Park in Bristol, UK.

The structure is a deconstructed geodesic dome, made up of 152 unique timber triangles, creating a form that appears to lurch across the park.

The Black Cloud will remain in place over the next months hosting programmed events, as well as events by local residents and visitors.

dig this chapel design

BNKR Arquitectura's La Estancia Chapel sits in a colonial garden in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The facade is composed of structural glass channels, spaced 10cm apart, to allow for a visual connection between the exterior and the interior, and to allow for ventilation. The symbolic cross is created from the negative space of the structural glass.