Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thomas Prior Photography

Light Floor Lamp

Use a re-appropriated street light to as your interior lamp, obviously looks amazing and Cool. This lamp called Marc Newson 'Super Guppy' Floor Lamp, lists on modern50 for $2400. This lamp is also on sale for the same price at an identical store called Factory20.

bear bean bag

Umbrella Installation - University of Talca

This project by students at the University of Talca has a great simplicity and whimsical nature through the transformation of a vernacular object into a larger collective and mutated program. The installation defines the plazas and performance spaces without an intervention at the pedestrian level and gives the plazas an enclosed space without restricting exposure to light and air. I think it's a great idea and I wish the PS1 court installations were lighter like this one is, instead of mossy and furry blobs.

A lot of the comments on the ArchDaily site talk about the students copying other people's ideas of umbrella installations. I have said it before, there are no new original concepts architecture - the same principles have been in use for thousands of years, just with different skins. So be careful what you claim.


If any one of the people walking around the rim of this glass was paying attention and not chatting on their cell phone, they may realize that when this glass is being used they are all upside down. And any time you open a cupboard to get one of these glasses out you can see that even in the darkness of the cabinet they continue to talk. Get a whole set of these glasses and your cupboard will look like it is hosting a tech fair.