Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes

« L’Ardévaz », is the name of that mountain. It is located above the site at the north. Its shape and material structure is the unique inspiration to plan the house. Formally, the house looks like a stone block lying on the ground in a fragile balance. It is covered with a skin of natural slates.


Brooklyn-based artist Edith Zimmerman is the Tom Friedman of snacks. Working with materials lifted from the veg bin and pantry, she crafts ingenious sculptures and catalogs the results on her blog. The results are instantly enjoyable and devilishly clever.

typographic soap

Fun typographic soap over at Fred Flare. That must have been a complicated mold!

the Mrs. Pacman colorways are fresh!

Inspired by the arcade game Pacman first released in 80’s, the color scheme of this Eugene Backpack is taken from different characters in the game. Red and Cyan from Pacman’s enemies and Yellow from Pacman. Now available for pre-order