Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chinese Homeless Fashion Icon

“A homeless man in China has developed an Internet following of thousands who admire his “good looks” and “bohemian dress sense,” the Independent reports. The man lives in Ningbo, and is referred to on the net as “Beggar Prince,” “Handsome Vagabond,” and, most commonly, “Brother Sharp.” One commenter wrote in response to a picture comparing him to a look from the latest Dolce & Gabbana” [the Cut]

“He is 5ft 8in, around 35 years old, and always has a cigarette between his fingers. He also appears to have a fondness for women’s clothes, which has only served to fuel his status as a fashion icon. His good looks are reminiscent of popular Asian actors like Takeshi Kaneshiro or the Oscar- nominated Ken Watanabe.”

Hydrofloors: first milli i make, ill get this

Hydrofloors® are vertically movable floors enable the client to exploit the surface area of a swimming pool by converting the associated terrace or indoor pool room for other uses e.g. recreation, social events, for dining and dancing.