Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stargate Studios: King of Green Screen

Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Demo from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

Hold on tight and get ready for an incredible experience! Stargate Studios, a high tech production company, takes us on a crazy ride with their Virtual Backlot demo reel. Their Virtual Backlot gives filmmakers unparalleled access to any location through a variety of techniques that range from totally immersive sequences shot entirely on green screen to simple set extensions that marry with photography. Using their Virtual Backlot Library, they blend together hundreds of photo-real, virtual locations covering 28 major cities from around the world.

Amazing Shadow Art

by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Webster describes the work of the duo as ‘your worst nightmare of what art can be’. Certainly, the pair have little regard for convention, mining the aesthetics of the fairground tattoo and the Las Vegas light show, the shopping mall and the rubbish dump.

They joined forces in their university days at Nottingham Polytechnic and since then have continued to work together, sharing the same fascination with the media and advertising industries; and together have tried being poor, starving artists while Britart became increasingly hip. Noble and Webster utilise a number of different media to visually challenge the relations between the spectacular, the serious and the entertaining.

Cedric Delsaux, Star Wars in Dubai

The recent photo works of Cedric Delsaux, the final installment of his Dark Lens trilogy dealing with the fact and fiction of modern urban space, can be viewed as an attempt to approach this enigmatic, emblematic city, using cinematic futurism as a tool to get a grasp on the present. Cedric describes the feeling he had as if walking around in a gigantic set for a science fiction film: “I instantly knew that all the characters from the Star Wars galaxies would be at home here.” Seen through his Dark Lens, Dubai appears to be finally welcoming the guests it has been built for from the beginning.