Friday, December 4, 2009


The Japanese retail brand MUJI and LEGO teamed up to develop a set of 4 different boxes. Inside those boxes you’ll find the classic LEGO bricks but also a few sheets of paper. No big deal. But when you also have the right punch hole tool, you can combine both to create something new. I really like this concept.


Delphic - Doubt from welovemusique on Vimeo.

dope song and video

cute shit

i know tokidoki played out 3 years ago
but this umbrella is pretty fresh
Jthree-Brella Limited Edition on
Collaboration between Jared Nickerson and a french designers team.

haoshi X RING

Japans haoshi Design Studio has just recently released some interesting accessories. The rings, all in silver come with different white head pieces. The shapes include a dear head, a rabbit head, a bear head, a sheep head, and plenty more. Available online at hoashi`s online shop.