Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good Design that saves lives

When you live on $3 a day, living sustainable isn't an option, its a necessity. Through socially responsible design, architects and designers have the opportunity to make change. Even if its just a small step.

The Problem: More than a billion people lack easy access to clean drinking water, forcing them to carry water great distances.

The Solution: The Hippo Roller by Project H Design. A simple barrel of recycled materials, grooved for traction and designed to roll over rough terrain using a simple push handle. The Hippo Rollers sides taper up at the ends to minimize its contact with the ground, making it easier to roll. The top and bottom of the barrel are rounded so that the barrel can be tilted upright with less effort than a barrel with a flat bottom.

Such a simple solution. Such a great example of design that dramatically improves peoples lives by solving a very basic problem.

awesomeeeeee packaging/presentation!!!!!

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