Friday, February 19, 2010

Nissan Cube in a Cube

Well, what did we say about the Nissan Cube, cult status and collaboration nirvana? You might be thinking right now that the Japanese giants are paying us to write this stuff – if only they were (you can use the contact button, top left) – but only a few days after writing about their collaboration with trendy French freeskiers Black Crows, this landed in our inbox…. a unique tattooed ice sculpted cube, with, erm a Cube inside. Tattooist to the stars, Henry Hate (we really hope that’s his real name), has unveiled his first sculptural work on London’s south bank in the form of a 2.4m x 2.6m block of ice sculpted with Japanese Samurai chisels in a traditional Japanese tattoo design.

the Archipod

Tucked away in the corner of your suburban garden like the bastard offspring of a traditional garden shed and a lunar landing module, the Archipod is a whole new reason to work from home. Centered around the concept of removing the tie between work and home, the Archipod allows for an external working space without the cost, bureaucracy and inconvenience of building an extension or out-building. Of course it’s not just your office you could set up in your ‘pod… it’s an ideal space for a mini recording studio, a rather luxurious playroom for the kids, or perhaps just loading with tools and acting as a designer replacement for your shed… whatever you do with it, you’ll have endless hours of fun watching the neighbours reaction to the wooden spaceship that’s taken up residence in your cabbage patch….

batmans day off