Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Luis, ahhhh amazingggg

LUIS from diluvio on Vimeo.

Gold Staples

Friday, October 23, 2009

Geeks Only: Windows 7 Release Party

Excavator Painted like a Giraffe

Windows 7 Promoted in Japan Burger King

Robert Longo

CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe

Honda has announced its new CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe will be released in North America next Fall. Dubbed the world’s first Hybrid Sports Car, the CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) was introduced as a concept last year, but was officially shown off as a production car today at the Tokyo Motor Show. The lines on this coupe are breathtakingly beautiful, especially the mean-looking scoop front-grille. It will go on sale in Japan in February, before the 6-speed manual Hybrid (another first in the Hybrid class) hits the North American street in the Fall 2010.

Fabio Viale

Volcano House

A dome-shaped house built on the top of a volcanic cone in the high desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is offered at $750,000.
50451 Silver Valley Road, Valley Springs, CA 92365

Neckface “Devil’s Disciple” Exhibition Miami

Neckface will turn Miami inside out for his premiere solo exhibition in the Magic City. This Halloween night, Neckface will deconstruct all 10,000 square feet of O.H.W.O.W. and build a world like no other. Featuring a large-scale haunted house installation, complete with Neckface’s iconic imagery, the Devil’s Disciple exhibition is designed to frighten viewers as they enter the space.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been awhile since i had a house post

centrifugal villa by obra architects is set on a 5 acre property overlooking an
agricultural reserve located in southampton, new york.

the centrifugal villa is arranged around a hollow center, as if the heart of the house
had somehow fallen outside its body. the string of subsequent spaces in its interior
provide a comprehension of the whole by sacrificing their individual geometric
cohesiveness to the fractured configuration of the entire composition. the experience
of the interior is characterized by constantly shifting vanishing points, at the place
of their collision in each crease of the plan, large openings cutting dormer scoops
on the roof, enabling views out to the surrounding landscape.

designed as wood post-and-beam structure, the exterior cladding is detailed with
vertical board and batten seams to give continuity to the building exterior and encourage
an uninterrupted rhythmic flow around the elevations. the house utilizes geothermal
heating and incorporates passive energy-saving techniques, including a narrow-section
interior to allow natural ventilation and a sequence and layout of dormer windows
and openings to permit generous daylighting and minimal artificial lighting needs.

the recently completed villa includes a main house, separate guesthouse and garage
structure, and poolhouse with poolside pavilion.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thomas Prior Photography

Light Floor Lamp

Use a re-appropriated street light to as your interior lamp, obviously looks amazing and Cool. This lamp called Marc Newson 'Super Guppy' Floor Lamp, lists on modern50 for $2400. This lamp is also on sale for the same price at an identical store called Factory20.

bear bean bag

Umbrella Installation - University of Talca

This project by students at the University of Talca has a great simplicity and whimsical nature through the transformation of a vernacular object into a larger collective and mutated program. The installation defines the plazas and performance spaces without an intervention at the pedestrian level and gives the plazas an enclosed space without restricting exposure to light and air. I think it's a great idea and I wish the PS1 court installations were lighter like this one is, instead of mossy and furry blobs.

A lot of the comments on the ArchDaily site talk about the students copying other people's ideas of umbrella installations. I have said it before, there are no new original concepts architecture - the same principles have been in use for thousands of years, just with different skins. So be careful what you claim.


If any one of the people walking around the rim of this glass was paying attention and not chatting on their cell phone, they may realize that when this glass is being used they are all upside down. And any time you open a cupboard to get one of these glasses out you can see that even in the darkness of the cabinet they continue to talk. Get a whole set of these glasses and your cupboard will look like it is hosting a tech fair.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The Vers 2X is simplicity at its best – compact and sleek with a hand-crafted wood body and no junk in the trunk (check out its bare bones back). This iPod dock is designed to fit in a small space, while making enough sound to fill up a big room. Its busy remote control lets you manipulate the heck out of your music without moving an inch. For wood connoiseurs, it comes in Cherry, Natural Walnut, Dark Walnut and Bamboo. The Natural Walnut has a beautiful retro feel to it.

I was surprised to find out that each speaker system is built by hand over the course of a week, ensuring that every model is unique. In a world where iPod docks are built in the same way IKEA furniture is, a one-of-a-kind speaker at less than $200 (with a dollar going to planting a new tree) is made to last.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Avus Performance TT-RS

The Audi TT-RS package by Berlin-based AVUS Performance has officially been introduced taking the sports car a step forward improving the power and the looks of 2.5-liter five-cylinder hot hatch! The full kit includes adjustable coilovers, gloss black 20″ Sportec Mono wheels and modification of the turbo, ECU software and the exhaust system from turbo back with racing cats. They also gave it a name; the ‘new Ur-Quattro’.

Ruiz Company, Great Packaging!!!!

A society based in Barcelona in Spain, and specialized since several years in packaging produced and visual identity. Many customers like Levi's, Nike, Diesel or Chocolate Factory. To discover on their portfolio or in the continuation of the article.


Evolver is a wooden construction build by 2nd year students from the ALICE Studio at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. When you walk through it, you’ll make a 720° turn and have an amazing panorama on the surroundings of Zermatt.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Download MyGeneration 025 // LOL BITERS

MyGeneration 025

download instructions
1. continue past myspace phising warning page
2. click on "Free User"
3. download link should appear within 60 seconds


01. Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte
(Sunn Jellie Remix)
02. [noyb]
03. [noyb]
04. Luciano Di Nardo - Anymore (Chris Reece Remix)
05. Sander Van Doorn vs. Morgan Page - Longest Castle (DJ Trancis Mashup)
view more

And remember to tune in on the 25th!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The Tokyo Motor Show is coming up in the next few weeks and here is a complete preview of the new and very adorable Honda EV-N. It’s a retro-styled battery-powered car with a face of a pug puppy crossed with a Trabant and nifty concept-y features like swappable seat fabrics, a solar roof, and a “communications system” embedded in the black front fascia.

Kirsten Dunst x McG x Takashi Murakami “Akihabara Majokko Princess” Preview

Aside from the “Pop Life” Exhibition underway at Tate Modern in London, Takashi Murakami has a more extensive video project up his sleeve, made in collaboration with actress Kirsten Dunst and hot shot film director, McG, who most recently directed Terminator Salvation. The video features Dunst, dressed entirely in princess form, singing a cover of the Vapors’ “Turning Japanese” within the streets of Akihabara in Tokyo. Offered is a behind-the-scenes look, while the full video can be expected sometime in the coming weeks.

OriginalFake 2009 Fall/Winter Collection Photoshoot

i really like where this is going
streetware meets high end designer

OriginalFake offer up their latest photoshoot in the the new issue of Warp Magazine. Present is the brand’s more contemporary style, pairing solid apparel with a more grown up look and feel. Highlights include a selection of outerwear pieces for Fall/Winter as well as accessories and knitted designs from the KAWS-headed label.

China? equality? FTL?

Once again China is showing the way forward in its approach to human rights, and we in the West could all learn a thing or two. Take, for example, people of restricted height, who often complain of discrimination. China’s dwarfs have the chance to live in their own special commune in the town of Kunming, in the south of the country. There, everybody is under 4ft 3in tall; they live in toadstool homes, where they dress like Oompa-loompas and put on musical extravaganzas when people come to visit. That’s liberation for you. Next week we’ll examine what similar kindly measures have been introduced for China’s Tibetan and Muslim minorities. Happy anniversary, People’s Republic.


In 1878 lady liberty was not exactly all together. The massive head was on display at the Paris International Exhibition. Attendees to the exhibition could pay to walk around in her head. You have to admit its kind of freaky,very Planet of the Apish.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

closest thing to the louie monogram bag

Trussardi 1911 Camouflage Bags

Trussardi drops a couple of camouflage bags from their 1911 Collection, paying tribute to the throwback era. Each features coated canvas construction wrapped in a camouflage monogram with calf khaki velvet. Clean and simple, both can now be purchased via colette.