Thursday, August 27, 2009


A Love Letter For You ! Street Art

A Love Letter For You is a concept by Overbrook native Stephen Powers and the youth of West Philadelphia – The project is during the month of August with 40 local and international artists to paint 50 walls between 63rd and 45th street on Market Street in Philly. The theme is only words of romance, thoughts of relationships, and what love really is. You can as well give them words, toughts and ideas at Check for more info

Mackdaddy Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Never shy of using plenty of color and mixing different styles, Japanese brand Mackdaddy presents their new Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. Vintage pieces can interesting and especially very colorful interpretations. Mackdaddy also introduces more footwear this season, along with outerwear, knitwear and accessories, making for an overall complete collection. Also look out for some familiar faces in the lookbook.

Wilton Pool House / Hariri & Hariri

New York-based Hariri & Hariri Architecture have completed a 1200 sqaure ft pool house which rests upon the 3.5 acre property of a suburban Connecticut residence. The design of the pool house serves as a contrast to the traditional architecture of the exisitng home. The dominate extended ceiling provides shelter for those lounging around the pool, enjoying the water, or sitting on the patio.

Recycle Chairs from beverage products

As you can see, design does not always been related to luxury. Sometimes with things that many people has considered as garbage, a designer thinks the opposite: This things are extraordinary materials!. Here, for example, I show you three examples of chairs, all of them made by recycled pieces from the beverage industry.

First, we got the SIE43 Chair by Pawel Grunert. The chair is made from PET bottles with a stainless steel frame. The bottles can be easily changed if they show signs of damage. It was exhibited at the Colombari Gallery in Milan, Italy. More pictures and details of this chair can be found on Contemporist.

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